JustGreenArt is about my art, my
concern about global worming and
environmental issues,
JGA is about using
natural, organic, recycled, and eco-friendly
materials to create art;
JGA is about artists
concerned for the global environmental crisis
and its prevention.
JustGreenArt is a
site were you can search for Eco-Art projects,
green products and links to sites about
environmental protection, eco-friendly products,
Eco-Traveling, recycling and much more.

Up-Cycling art uses biodegradable, and
environmentally safe, materials to create
something new. Up-Cycling art is he relationship
of waste, and environmentally conscious art.
My collages, altered art, and sculpture are
created using a wide variety of media;
photography, digital art, ceramic, painting, and
drawing, using textiles, wood, metal, papers,
found objects and recycled materials, to help
reduce the waste sent to landfills, and the impact
in the environment. Even though these habitats
are defined by a physical space surrounded
by aluminum, and glass enclosure, In these
spaces literally exist life. If the viewer observes
from a distance, he or she can see beauty,
composition, and feel the serenity that conveys.
While I am creating art from recycled material,
I am helping to preserve our ecosystems, in the
event that future generations will not have the
opportunity to experience the same bewilderment
and awe that I have found in nature. A portion
of the profits received from the sale of my artwork
will be donated to:
Environmental Protection Organizations,
Protecting Animals Agencies,
Fish and Wildlife Agencies,
organizations that will use the proceeds to affect
a positive change to the natural world that I have
grown to love and care for. So
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