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Artist’s Statement

My work is about life, nature, space, beauty and existence
and the focus of my work is the preservation of nature and
life itself. We do not own anything.  We cannot destroy
what is not ours. We shall preserve what  has been lent to
us.  We just live here and nothing is ours.   Everything
belongs to earth and in the end we return to it.

I work with landscapes and gardens creating images with
endless paths, impossible angles,
perspectives, and blend them together to create an illusion
of harmonious perfect balanced beauty, a world that does
not exist.  The use of glue, scissors, knife, pencils and ink,
that’s all I need to create life as if I have the power to do it.

I work in an impressionistic way incorporating figurative
gardens into an illusionist design.
First I select a group of images that have interesting
scenes and perspectives. I work for a few days in my mind
those images trying to merge them together into a larger.
Then, I determine where can I cut them to blend into one,
and decide were how to slice, and what to cut away to
finally merge them into one. Finally on my drafting table I
place the images as I had imagined them and start the
process of dissecting what I consider was not necessary.   
I try to camouflage with intricate cuts the unions of the
pages to deceive the eye from the obvious. Once I have
made all the necessary cuts I start bonding together each
panel to merge everything a larger piece. My gardens take
you away to a place were there are endless paths with
infinitive perspective and incredibly peaceful beauty. My
gardens of infinite serenity!

I do not consider myself an artist just because I create
countryside landscapes and gardens.
I just manipulate images into ethereal spaces where the
eye gets lost with the beauty of the endless garden. I try to
transport the observer into another realm, my own
unrealistic world. When the viewer looks into my gardens
they enter into an unrealistic space and for a moment
witness what I see.  You will sense peacefulness.   You will
be transported from the real to the surreal. As I was
creating these endless landscapes I decided to combine
these images with my ceramics. But how was I going to do
that?  Gardens are earth’s gift to us filled with life and
energy and so many insects, forms, textures, things.  I
needed to find one thing from there to bond my ceramics
with my gardens.  I chose a delicate and yet so powerful
little object from nature which is the commencement of life
and the metamorphosis of my ceramics.  Changing the
style of my vases was something I had to do and the
cocoon was the root for my organic shapes.  My ceramics
evolved from the humdrum to stylish and elongated open
forms. A blend of the geometric and structural form with
soft elongated lines that force the eye trailing to endless
and imaginative space on our mind.

Overnight my style went from the mundane to bizarre.  
Quite frankly I never though I would be doing this kind of
work considering my technical and graphic design
background.  I had no idea I was going to enjoy collage
and ceramics more so I was going to be creating
landscapes and ceramic forms for exhibitions. I have
decided to continue exploring this area of the fine arts
further and take it into another level, and into another
dimension, my own.

Sonia Neira-Matthews
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